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Matt Arend Corporate Social Responsibility Program & Foundation



Introducing the Matt Arend Corporate Social Responsibility Program


After having successfully established our growing Brand since 2014, we recognize our responsibility in society as an employer, corporate entity and simply as caring human beings.

Looking at the many challenges the South African society is facing, ranging from high unemployment to low income levels, from costly Education to expensive cost of living, from gender inequality to xenophobia, we have decided to play our part and become a contributor to a sustainable modern society.

Social change, civic engagement and entrepreneurship are the driving force behind our initiatives.

As with everything else, one has to put actions behind words to achieve credibility.


We have therefore decided that we will donate 5 percent of all our revenues to social causes with immediate effect.


We are entrepreneurs hence we like to be in control of our destiny.


After researching our options, we concluded that one of the fastest and most direct ways of "giving" towards the causes that matter to us would be through the form of collaborative partnerships with established Non Profit Organizations and Enterprises that can help us leverage our social strategy.


We also believe that the use of technology can lead to improved living conditions and more sustainability in society by providing easy access to information and enhancing global connectivity.


As a first step we have therefore partnered up with an award winning organization that is dedicated to providing free WiFi Connectivity and Internet access in South Africa.


We officially announce today, October 12th 2016 our collaborative partnership Matt Arend & Project Isizwe with the mutual aim of improving connectivity and providing free access to the World Wide Web to millions of South Africans, in particular the underprivileged in society that are being deprived of opportunity due to financial constraints, high cost of Internet data and poor connectivity.


We now ask all our friends, clients, fans, supporters and individuals as well as organizations and corporations who care, to join us and start contributing to our initiative.


Please follow the below link to find out more about the partnership, options to get involved, ways to donate and the first project we are going to realize, which is to provide Free Wifi Access to the community of Hout Bay and its associated Town Ship Mandela Park.


We have a shared responsibility to make this a better society.



Free Wifi for South Africa.

Click here to learn more about the Partnership and our first Project.